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Apartment Building

Property Management

Relax knowing your investment is being managed locally! We offer residential and commercial management
services. We can be as hands on as you would like us to be.
Each renter over the age of 18 that will be on the property is required to pay the fee and fill out an application form for a credit history (minimum 520 score) and criminal background check. The screening verifies employment and includes a tenant skip which tells us if the prospective renter has ever skipped out on a previous landlord.

LEASE ONLY: Fee $500 - $750

We can help you price your property, market the property, screen prospective tenants and write up the lease and you can take over from there.

MANAGEMENT ONLY: Fee 10% of the monthly rent

Don’t have the time or resources to manage your property anymore, we can step in to collect rent, handle repairs and be the contact person for your

LEASING + MANAGEMENT: Fee 1st months rent + 10% of the monthly rent

Bring us your property. We will find a tenant, manage it and send you a check once a month.

** All deposits are kept in an FDIC insured account

Service We Provide


We will handle minor repairs up to your specified dollar amount and deduct it from the next month's collected rent.
You may stipulate that and and/or all repairs be authorized through you prior to completion.



The fee for this service can be added once a year

for $200



The fee for this service is based on the size of the property (the average is $100-$175 a month) which includes mowing, trimming, and blowing of debris twice during the growing season and once during the non growing season.





The fee for this service is $100 a year.

Linda Lowery/Associate Broker

The fee for this service is $100 a year   Phone: 762.777.0327

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