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Our managing Broker, Linda Lowery and her team of agents have worked together for 8 years and are knowledgeable in residential and commercial properties, property management/leasing, land acquisition, subdivision development, 1035 exchange investment as well as flip properties for both professional and novice flippers. I’d like to say we have seen it all, but every day presents a new set of challenges in the industry and we continue to learn new ways to do business on a regular basis. We strive to keep our agents at the top of their game by encouraging them to continue keeping up with the latest trends, maintain crucial contacts in the industry with various lenders to educate themselves on the areas we serve, the different loans available and how to best serve their clients needs.

Having good contacts in this business is a must! Surrounding yourself and your business with reputable contacts to help our agents help our clients with the various needs that arise during the buying and selling process only strengthen our reputation as being an industry leader in the Northeast Georgia real estate community.

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